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DYFAN Investment

About us

Marc Diver - CEO

M. : +352 661 365 260

Marc Dhuygelaere - CFO

M. : +32 475 83 18 98

DYFAN Investment is an independent holding based in Luxemburg and invests in SRE who respect ESG and deliver added value in the UN goals. The investmentstrategy need to obtain ethical and innovative technology focused on growth in the wellbeing of the planet and people.

Our mission

Develop Real Estate with an accent on decarbonization and creating real sustainable value for the owner and the tenants: building quality, extensive service, community management and cutting-edge technologies. Invest in companies who create a difference in the environment and focus on progressive innovative technologies.


BEDAL // Health VALERES INDUSTRIEBOUW // Real Estate - Construction SMARTFIN CAPITAL // Information Technology
www.bedal.be www.valeres.nl www.smartfinvc.com
REAM // Real Estate - Development VERTICAL FUTURE // Industrials - Farming QBIC // Industrial
www.ream.lu www.verticalfuture.com www.qbic.be
REJUVENATE BIOMED // Health MAZARO // Industrial - Automotive MDXHEALTH // Health
www.rejuvenatebiomed.com www.mazaro.eu www.mdxhealth.com
CAMPUS CONTERN // Real Estate - Offices VESALIUS // Health
www.campuscontern.lu www.vesaliusbiocapital-3.com