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DYFAN Investment

About us

Marc Diver - CEO

M. : +352 661 365 260

Marc Dhuygelaere - CFO

M. : +32 475 83 18 98

DYFAN Investment is an independent holding based in Luxemburg. We have interests in several industrial companies in the real estate and construction sector as well as in real estate projects.

Our mission

More than just an investor, we are developers. Location criteria is second to none in real estate, but we also focus and work on creating real value for the owner and the tenants: building quality, extensive service, community management and cutting-edge technologies. Happy tenants sign longer lease plans and take better care of the premises for the benefit of all.

Our values

Proactivity and reactivity are our main ways of working. We anticipate all aspects of the project as early as possible in the process to avoid costly fix-ups and act quickly to respond to specific demands. We are just a phone call away: quick and efficient is the key.



6 buildings dedicated to offices and multifunctional space.
Total +/- 16.600 m² with a strong GREEN orientation (certifications, soft mobility, digital signage, electric vehicle charging stations, solar panels, car sharing, recycling programs, etc)


Construction company specialized in industrial and office buildings.